Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Wyomia Tyus in conversation with Dave Zirin, Sports Editor, The Nation


Join us to celebrate the publication of Tigerbelle: The Wyomia Tyus Story, a timely memoir about world record–breaking Tyus’s 1964 and 1968 Olympic victories amid the political and social turbulence of the 1960s, along with contemporary reflections.


From Akashic Books:

In 1968, Wyomia Tyus became the first person ever to win gold medals in the 100-meter sprint in two consecutive Olympic Games, a feat that would not be repeated for twenty years or exceeded for almost fifty. Tigerbelle chronicles Tyus’s journey from her childhood as the daughter of a tenant dairy farmer through her Olympic triumphs to her post-competition struggles to make a way for herself and other female athletes.


The Hidden Figures of sport, Tigerbelle helps to fill the gap currently occupying Black women’s place in American history, providing insight not only on what it takes to be a champion but also on what it means to stake out an identity in an often hostile world.


“Wyomia Tyus adds an important page to the story of black women athletes and their accomplishments during the civil rights era. Highlighting the courage, commitment, and mutual support of the Tigerbelles, and the hard work and dedication of our father figure and coach, Ed Temple, this is a must-read for all generations.”


—Edith McGuire Duvall, Tigerbelle, Olympic gold medalist