Episode 7 // September 27, 2018


Images from Afghan Cycles October 2014 Production.
Instagram: @AfghanCycles
Twitter: @AfghanCycles

Music by SHEL, Stronger Than My Fears – hear them live at our Closing Night Concert.

On today’s episode we talk with the team behind 2018 festival film, Afghan Cycles, director Sarah Menzies, cinematographer Jenny Nichols, impact producer, Anna Brones and producer, Caryn Capotosto. Sarah is also the director of The Mirnavator, which is part of our Sporty Shorts program.  We spoke with them from a gondola high atop Telluride, Colorado.  We also preview what you can look forward to at this year’s Women Sports Film Festival.


Tickets for Afghan Cycles and all festival films are available at


Sarah Menzies is a Director, Producer, Editor, and all-around movie-maker at @LetMedia.
Twitter: @sarmenz



Jenny Nichols is a conservation filmmaker currently based in Boulder.


Anna Brones is a writer, artist and producer. She is the impact producer for Afghan Cycles.


Caryn Capotosto is head of productions at Tremolo Productions.


Links to what we talked about on the show:


Afghan Cycles


The Mirnavator